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SIS would like to thank Patrick and Jennie Crouch from Swindon, UK for their continuous support. Through their printing company ACORN PRESS, they have sponsored the printing of Nalanie Chellaram's book, DIVINE GRACE and many training manuals.

All the sales from the book go towards  and the profits from the Yoga trainings go towards our international projects.


Janaki (Jennie Crouch), SIS team member who is based in Swindon, UK offers Hatha classes that support these local projects. She has also funded workshops for school children doing yoga and voice work for the last three years at the Beehive Unit Ruskins School & Kingsdown School SEN unit.


The main projects that are supported  are:

  • The Harbour project supporting refugees in Swindon

  • The local Birthing Centre to provide equipment

  • The local Hydrotherapy Pool for disabled kids

  • Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre which takes in wildlife which is injured


The Harbour Project  welcome and support refugees and asylum seekers in Swindon.

To those who’ve risked their lives, families and homes fleeing war and persecution, they provide friendship and hope for a future. With this purpose, they've been working tirelessly since the Kosovo crisis in 2000. Today, the're aiding people from across the world.


Annually the centre takes in over 3,000 wildlife casualties and receives between 6 and 7,000 telephone calls for help and advice, all this achieved by a dedicated team of people comprising of staff, volunteers, friends and supporters, without whom it would not be possible.

Oak and Furrows operate a 24 hour Wildlife Rescue Service, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. The centre relies on donations to survive and does not receive any government funding.

BRIGHTER FUTURES - SIS supporting buying equipment

Brighter Futures is the charity for Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust which includes Great Western Hospital in Swindon and the 69 community sites in and around Wiltshire.

With support they can fund that extra special level of care in order to make a real difference to their patients, families and to the staff who treat them, above what the NHS is able to provide.

They improve the hospital environment, fund ground breaking research, support the development and training of hospital staff and provide state-of-the-art equipment. 

THAMESDOWN HYDROTHERAPY POOL - SIS supporting disabled kids

The pool was opened in 1979 and is a unique purpose-built facility available to any individual with a disability whether that disability is permanent or temporary.
It has been built and operated through the drive and enthusiasm of a dedicated band of volunteers and has been very fortunate to have a committed and caring staff team.
The warm temperature of the water has many benefits, relieves painful conditions such as arthritis and back pain and can help rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery.

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