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SIS is sponsoring 15 children in Hikkaduwa. The area was badly hit by the Tsunami of 2006. Most of the children we are sponsoring have either lost their homes, parents or a parent during that disaster. They all attend a government school and SIS provides all their basic needs so that they are able to study there. 

Wherever necessary, we provide them with medical aid . We hope to educate them them until they finish high school. 


SIS team members visit Sri Lanka on a regular basis and keeping in touch with under priveledged families. We support them with providing food, toys for the children, clothes and shoes.


Through our supporters, we have been able to provide:

  • Education sponsorships  for 15 children

  • Purchasing hearing aids and funding medical care for children that SIS is offering educational sponsorship to.

  • Eye operations

  • Funding an eye operation for a young child with artificial eye. 

  • Wheel chairs for individuals who are not mobile 


Thank you to Carrie Bull, Krrpa & Sanjay Khiani , Ulla Rapazote & the Estoril Sangha, Anna Morello & her family, Teri Tura for donating for the educational sponsorships. Also to Jennie Crouch & Siva Trezfer for funding hearing aids and eys operations.

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