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Little Miracles - Onyom is a section of SIS dedicated to helping families and carers of children with Special Needs.

Often parents need to work harder to meet these additional financial constraints. Ironically, this happens at a time when there is also much more support needed at home and often one parent needs to stop working to become a full time carer.

SIS has donated to special needs projects in India, Romania, Spain and Portugal and continues to offer support where needed.


SIS in collaboration with AEPMI ( Association for Patients with Mitochondrial Disease, Mito )  - 'Energy For Life' hosted a Charity Dinner to increase awareness & raise funds for research into Mitochondrial disease in children and adults.

The amount  raised for the night was a superb €29,500 - which firmly allows us to initiate the Mitochondrial Disease National Clinical Register for Spain. Our volunteers have already been busy liaising with the Italian Health Service to co-ordinate the transfer of the necessary software to help establish the technical transfer.




Little Miracles has been set up to help in a number of ways:  

  • Working with other associations to help to provide necessities (such as the seat belts)

  • Financial help for those requiring immediate medical attention, yet cannot afford the cost of the treatment

  • Financial help for those requiring specialist equipment that may not be provided by the state

  • Training and Development for parents and therapists, to ensure that the children  get the best possible therapy and to help parents with day to day living

  • Aiding the integration of special needs kids into schools and nurseries and ensuring that the support required is available

  • The sky is the limit though and the long-term vision is to build a school for children with special needs. 





Hogar Betania, a residential shelter for homeless adults and their babies and children, of Caritas of La Linea de La Concepcion

The current crisis in Spanish society gravely affects the most vulnerable in the community, those socially excluded. 


This centre was founded in 1992 as a hostel for those suffering social problems. The homeless were taken in with dinner and a place to sleep offered from 7pm overnight to 8am.  The rest of the day the homeless would be out loitering on the streets at the mercy of bad weather, and the disregard of other people, with little hope of being able to change their lives.  The centre could only cope with meeting the most basic needs and the rule then, was support for a maximum of 3 days. 


In 2009 the hostel services were extended to support any person regardless of origin, religion or sex, attending on a daily basis to on average 40 adults/ children on the street.



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The parents are unable to work as all three children a have mitochondria disease. The disease did not show up until these children were in their first three years. 
They all live in a tiny home with five sharing one room . SIS has raised enough funds to build them an extension so they can have some space to move! Their shower was in the sitting room.

We are also paying for therapies and AKIN paying to get them some home help. 
They are truly grateful. The children are always smiling and joyful despite their problems. 

Energy for Life Gala Dinner Fundraiser
Documentary filmed in Gibraltar
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