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In 2013 SIS has joined forces with AKIN charity to bring much needed support to families and children in Nzega, Tabora Region.


SIS in conjuntion with AKIN charity continues to support projects together. 

Main projects to date: (full details below)

  • Refurbishing 12 house im the Iduguta Leprosy Camp

  • Refurbished old village church that is now used as a nursery school

  • Built a soup kitchen & provide meals for 25 children

Iduguta Leprosy Camp, Nzega, Tabora Region, Tanzania

Iduguta is a small village on the outskirts of the shanty town of Nzega.  It is home to around 100 people, 48 of which are children.  Only the elderly living there have leprosy (the children have been imunised against it) , however, the illness still carries a stigma and they are ostracised.  SIS worked with The Association for Kids In Need (AKIN) to refurbish the 12 houses comprising the village and thereby provide the impoverished people there clean living conditions.  The Pentecostal Church of Sweden has subsequently provided solar panels on the roofs of the houses, and a meeting hall has been built so that the villagers can have a central place to meet.


Kanisa Nursery School Project – Nzega Tanzania

SIS, in conjunction with The Association for Kids In Need (AKIN) refurbished an old village church so that it could be used as a nursery school for the children living in the area who had no other way of beginning their education. 


On completion the school engaged the services of a teacher and took in its first class of 16 children.

Ipilili Soup Kitchen and Sports Ground Project – Nzega.

It is estimated that there are over 800 children living on the streets of Nzega, orphaned either by HIV / AIDS or some other disease, or else abandoned to fend for themselves.  SIS is working with The Association for Kids In Need (AKIN) to build a facility that will provide as many street children as possible with at least one free meal per day and a place to have fun.  Using land donated by the Pentecostal Church of Tanzania Phase 1 – the soup kitchen – is now finished and catering for 25 children.  Funds are currently being raised to build and equip the second phase, the sports ground (comprising a football field, volleyball and netball courts and a children’s play area).  It is hoped to develop the project to include a third phase comprising dormitories for the most needy children.      

How AKIN started in Tanzania

The Association for Kids In Need (AKIN) first went to the town of Nzega in the heart of Tanzania in 2006 to help the Pentecostal Church of Sweden build an orphanage there for 80 street children.  The orphanage - now called "The Varberg Home of Peace" after the town in Sweden where the funds were raised - opened its doors two years later.  AKIN provided all the furniture and equipment for the home and supported it for a further 2 years by purchasing food supplies. 

During that initial fact-finding trip in 2006 the representatives of AKIN were taken to Iduguta – a leprosy camp approximately 3 miles outside of Nzega - and shortly afterwards began providing food, mattresses, mosquito nets and other supplies for the people living there.  During a subsequent trip there in 2013 it became evident that more needed to be done and so AKIN and SIS joined forces to begin a house refurbishment project, and other joint venture projects soon followed.

Click on the link to see how the SIS / AKIN partnership began – the projects before they came to fruition

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