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46. C.A.S.A - Centro de Apoio ao sem Abrigo (support center for homeless people)
The association’s objectives are to provide support, food, clothing and accommodation to the homeless; to socially unsupported children, teenagers and elderly people; to victims of violence and abuse; and to the underprivileged in general, regardless of nationality, creed, politics or ethnicity.
Luckshmi - Lucy Cannon, gives Charity Yoga Classes every Tuesday at Quinta da Calma, Algarve, Portugal, the money from the class goes to helping people in need locally. In July and August with combine efforts from Eleine Lachance we have donated 580€ which will go towards buying tinned foods to distribute to families.  C.A.S.A is in constant need of funds, they feed upto 1000 people a day 365 days a year. It is a great project, please visit


47. Association of Down Syndrome, Cehu Silvaniei, Romania 
Elisabeta Nagy president of ASOCIATIA DOWN SINDROM, an association taking care of handicaped children while their parents go to work. Service in Satchidananda donated 1000€ to help them support their monthly costs. To see this project please view this youtube link


48. LOTUS Temple in Chettipalayam, India                                     

SIS is very happy to inform you that the Satchidananda Foundation, Coimbatore has plans underway to construct a LOTUS Temple in India. It will be on a smaller scale, in Chettipaylam on the land where Sri Gurudev's birthplace home is located.
The Swami Satchidananda Foundation in India have set a target date for the dedication on the 22nd December 2014 in honour of Gurudev's Centenary Jayanthi.
If any Integral Yoga Centres wishes to send a small rock, soil sample from your region to be included in the foundation laying along with any other small item Gurudev gave to anyone if they would like to donate for this purpose. In this way all Gurudev's devotees in His centers around the world can participate in this special project. Please email for where to send package to.


49. Molokai - Centre for Training, Development & Stimulation
Molokai aspires to be the answer to years and years of a fight against discrimination of people who are different from the norm. It is very sad that, after 14 years as a professional, that I have yet to find a firm or entity that adequately satisfies the needs of people and families of those labeled by society as 'disabled'. 
SIS donated 1000€ in September 2011 to Molokai


50. Still Human  - a new meditation app.
StillHuman Inc. was formed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Specifically, StillHuman Inc. encourages all people to practice sitting in meditation thereby increasing the level of peace in all of human society. StillHuman Inc. educates the general public about self realization, relaxation, and peaceful self sustainment through organized public meditations, software applications, movies, and a variety of other means. 
SIS donated 1000$USD in November 2011.
Click here to view You Tube video:


51. AKIN School of English, Sri Lanka
The AKIN School of English has been running since November 2008. This project is long term and gives the children the opportunity of improving their English by weekly classes. Due to unforeseen circumstance AKIN charity has recently learnt that the house is up for sale and they have the option to buy it. The house is located close to Galle-Colombo main road (walking distance) and would be easier for other villages to attend.  
In addition to the first donation of £1000  to AKIN in September, SIS have donated another 2000€ in November. They need to raise about ₤7,000. 00 in total to secure the future of the children and their education.


52.  MIMAR - Temporary home for babies and young children - Estoril, Portugal
During the month of October, 2011,  Nalanie Harilela Chellaram came to give 2 more talks at Ulla´Rapazote´s place in Estoril, (Portugal) and €685 were raised to give to Mimar, Estoril. 
MIMAR is a temporary home  for 18 children of young ages, waiting for their family situations to be solved, or, for adoptions.
Adding a bit more from our other funds, we managed to buy them a big, industrial fridge, which we hope will serve for a long time!


53. SIS Christmas support to underprivileged families 
Service in Satchidananda's International team distributed food hampers and donated 1000€ to 8 families throughout Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar. In Portugal, yoga students raised an additional 360€ that went supporting C.A.S.A.'s Christmas for the homeless, elderly and underprivileged along with boxes of gifts for the children in the Algarve. Satchidananda Ashram did their annual 'Christmas in Buckingham' distributing food hampers and gifts to the local community.
Please click here for more information and photos about SIS Christmas.


54. Calpe house - Gibraltar / London
Calpe House is a facility in London that provides a “home away from home” to Gibraltarians who are seeking medical assistance in the UK. The house contains seven flats, and over 500 people make use of it every year.
One of the Calpe House Trustees in Gibraltar, Charles Marfe, is seen in the photo collecting the cheque for £700 which was raised during their Annual Flag Day and presented to him by Nalanie Chellaram and some members of the Integral Yoga Centre Committee in Gibraltar. 


55. C.A.S.A. Support centre for the homeless and underprivileged families in the Algarve, Portugal
Luckshmi has raised 900€ for C.A.S.A. in Faro over January and February from her Tuesday evening Yoga classes and from individual donations. In addition students bring bags of food to Yoga class which is then given to the warehouse in Faro and distributed out on a weekly basis to the homeless, underprivileged families and elderly.
C.A.S.A. - Centro de Apoio ao sem Abrigo (Faro, Algarve) The association’s objectives are to provide support, food, clothing and accommodation to the homeless; to socially unsupported children, teenagers and elderly people; to victims of violence and abuse; and to the underprivileged in general, regardless of nationality, creed, politics or ethnicity. 
Please visit C.A.S.A.'s page on our SIS website for more information or visit


56. Udavum Karangal, India
Udavum Karangal (Helping Hands) is a registered, non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit social service organization, established in 1983, with the sole objective of serving people in need. SIS continues support Udavum Karangal through sending volunteers and helping raise funds for this truly inspiring organization.
In January 2012 Integral Yoga Gibraltar donated £700 from their Annual Flag Day.


57. Serve the City - Lisbon Portugal
On Wednesday 29 February 2012, SIS team member Ulla Rapazote from Estoril and other Sangha members went to offer their services to Serve the City in Lisbon. From 6 pm to 11 pm the team helped to prepare, serve and clean up for the dinner for 200 homeless people in Lisbon. In addition to this inspirational service, SIS donated 200€ towards the costs of preparing the meal.
Serve the City (Lisbon) This project is a Christian group of volunteers that support local communities,  who are underprivileged. Supporting community dinners, housing rehabilitation, sporting activities and skill training programs. Please visit


58. Special Yoga Centre - London
The Special Yoga Centre in London is a registered charity that offers one-to-one yoga therapy for children with special needs, weekly yoga classes for children with autism, monthly yoga classes for children with cerebral palsy and a wide outreach program in schools.
The SYC in constant need of financial support to continue the wonderful service that Jo Manual and her team offer.
SIS donated £1000 to the SYC in March from our 'Little Miracles' fund.

59. Serve the City, Lisbon
On March 29, Jordan Kleber of SERVE THE CITY and his associated partners Maria da Paz from Fundação Bomfim and Alfredo Abreu of The Portuguese Bible Society gave a presentation of their project for the homeless in Lisbon at Ulla Rapazote´s home in Estoril, Portugal. The people who attended the talk were touched and inspired and generously donated €345 via SIS for the project.


60. SIS Spain - Young Explorers
SIS Spain - Young Explorers – Special Needs workshop was held in March in the new George Harilela Yoga Hall in Sotogrande.The workshop was led by Neil Gopal Hill and Shani Bacarese - Hamilton, assisted by Integral Yoga teachers and volunteers. An innovative program initated by Nalanie Chellaram, focusing on the use of nature as a therapeutic tool, combined with yoga, dance and touch together with Non special needs children. Program sponsored by Amber Turner & Eric Rowbottom.


61. Moren Butteweg Art - proceeds being donated to SIS
Moren has beautifully created this image which is for sale and 20% of the proceeds go to SIS. 
Having a passion for photography is not unique, but what makes Moren Butteweg (or Nirvana, her Sanskrit name) unique is her way of identifying with the subjects and bringing out their best and most beautiful aspects. Combining her creative talent with today's photographic and computer technology the result is original, stylish and fun. Moren puts her heart and soul into her work and that passion is captured in the end result. 
For more information about Moren (Nirvana) visit


62. Saluting for Charity, Algarve, Portugal
Saluting for Charity - On May 27. Lulu Shanti (founder of Saluting for Charity) and Lucy Cannon (event organiser and SIS team member) joined together with other Yoga teachers and students throughout the Algarve participated in 108 rounds of the Sun Salutation to raise funds for 4 local charities.  There was also a silent meditation that went on for the duration of the event. Participants received Saluting for Charity T-shirts which were kindly sponsored by Breeze and Bright Colours.
A total of 8240€ was raised, 2060€ was donated to each charity: C.A.S.A. (SIS's  ongoing Algarve Project), SIS Little Miracles (for Marianna who has C.P), Canil do Sao Francisco and the Donkey Sanctuary.


63. Romania visit
Nalanie and Marina went to Romania at the end of May to visit 2 Special Needs 
projects. SIS has donated just over 1500€ and bought them a new cooker as the once they were using was so old and unsafe. There is much work to be done there and SIS will be raising new funds later on this year to support these 2 beautiful projects. More details coming soon.


64. Integral Yoga San Francisco
Yoga at School is now officially part of SIS. It is serving schools in San Francisco and New York areas. This program has successfully been carried out and students who take part of this program have noticeably increased their learning abilities and feel more balanced. Most of them come from low-income communities, filled with stress. SIS sponsored a project led by IYI at the Mission High School in San Francisco with 1,000$Spring 2012. 
Rev. Premanjali from Satchidananda Ashram, team member of SIS co-ordinates all USA projects


65. Kids Sponsorship, Puna Community Chaki Q'ocha in India
SIS have sponsored 3 children's education at the Chaki Q'ocha community in Puna India.


66. Integral Yoga Swindon
Janaki from UK gives weekly classes at the Integral Yoga centre in Swindon, all money from her classes is donated to local charities.  IY Swindon donated £500 to the White Horse Birthing Centre and £500 to The Thamesdown Hydrotherapy Pool this year. In additional £500 was raised for SIS UK from Nalanie's Yoga retreat in Cornwall Learn, Laugh & Love in May 2012.

67. Cozinha com  Alma  - The Kitchen with Soul, Cascais, Portugal
On May 4, 2012, Ulla Rapazote organised one more Evening Talk in her home in Estoril for a talk by Sagarapriya on Non-Violent Communication. This was combined with fund-raising and giving awareness of a new project which aims at helping the New Poor Families in Portugal who are struggling under the present economic crisis. They don´t  have money to buy food for their children, and don´t know where to look for help -  they are also very embarrassed to ask for it. 
This is a take-away food shop collaborating with the Council and Social Services, a non-profit organisation, which sells food over the counter with a computerized system so that the people who have been chosen to get temporary help with their food will pay next to nothing (10 - 70 cents/dish), whereas ordinary clients pay a full price. The more food which is sold, the more families can be helped! For more info please see:
SIS is donating €1,500 to buy an industrialized fridge!


68. SIS Romania - Down Syndrome Foundation
SIS donated 2000 euros to the Down Syndrome Foundation in Romania 
With this money, they were able to purchase winter tyres for their minibus, firewood for the winter, cover food costs and monthly costs for the next quarter.
This project in Romania is supported by our Little Miracles branch of SIS and we are looking on continuing to raise funds to support this project.


69. Skydive for Gambia
On a sunny early-September afternoon, an intrepid group of 24 locals took the plunge of their lives, falling from the heavens at terminal velocity no less – all in aid of unquestionably worthy causes. This skydiving event raised a total in excess of £6000, with money still generously rolling in. These funds are destined to help build a very sought-after school and nursery for a number of orphans in Gambia, working under the project Save the Gambian Orphans. 
S.I.S Charity will personally be taking the money over to Gambia in January


70. Hong Kong
A group of recent graduates from Sonia Sumar's Yoga for the Special Child course have volunteered their time and skills toward developing a yoga program for Directions Association for the Handicapped, in association with CoDesign's I'MPERFECT initiative.  Every participant is confined to a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down, and some from the neck down.
The group introduced some independent stretches the members could do while in the chair, some passive stretching, as well as mantra, pranayama and meditation.   This is dedicated to SIS Project, in honour of Sri Gurudev, and we hope to continue this good deed to benefit the disabled members of our community in Hong Kong over the long term.


71. Algarve, Portugal - August 2012
In addition to the 1000 euros donated last year to Julietta's roof project in Estoi, SIS has donated 500 euros to help complete securing the structure and ceiling of her bathroom


72. Nordic Tour - August 2012
Nalanie Chellaram travelled with Shanti Alman and Ulla Rapazote to Finland, where Nalanie gave 3 talks in Helsinki and 1 in Tampere, combined with fund raising for SIS.
The tour continued to Stockholm, Sweden, with 2 more, very well received and popular talks given by Nalanie.
Carmen Paixao in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, works with people in the Terreirao-slums. She uses yoga as a tool to get to and inspire both grown-ups and children to improve and change their lives. SIS sent her money from the Nordic tour to cover costs for a printer and lots of educational materials, incl. yoga mats to be used for this community.


73. Nalanie Chellaram - Estoril Talks - October 2012
Nalanie Chellaram came for her yearly talk at Ulla Rapazote´s home in Estoril, Portugal.
More SIS-fundraised monies were sent to Carmen Paixao in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to be used for a Spring Festivity in the Community of Terreirao. Lots of educational materials were bought, and the children and their parents marveled at the results of putting colors to papers and canvases for the first time. They were given opportunities to plant seeds and saplings, to make vegetarian dishes and drinks. Most of all, the community learned to work together to improve their neighborhood in preparation for this party.
Half of the donations from the Estoril talks, were sent to Lizzy´s Haven in Alentejo, Portugal. A shelter for abandoned animals, run by Lizzy and John Burt, passionate animal lovers, who don´t refuse shelter to any kind of animal in need.
For more info, please see:


74. Dr. Brenda Davies - Evening talk in Estoril - November 2012
Dr. Brenda Davies came to give a talk in Ulla Rapazote´s home in Estoril, Portugal:  “A respectful marriage between Allopathic Medicine and a Spiritual approach to Healing”. The SIS-fundraised monies went to support Dr. Brenda Davies´s Educational Fund for her children on the Empilwani Farm in Zambia. Brenda supports around 60 children and some 17 adults . Many of the children are orphans from parents who have died of Aids. For more info: or


S.I.S. donated 1300$to a Nilsa Rios's family, a spanish family who lost their entire home in the super storm Sandy. They are homeless living with out any possessions. Swami Dayananda from Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia was the one who found out about this family in such desperate need


76. Hogar Betania - La Linea, Spain
5000 Euros was donated to Hogar Betania situated in La Linea, Spain. They house 12 homeless and feed 87 people on a daily bases. Because of the financial crisis, they stopped receiving grants from the government as from November 2012. SIS have organised some fund raising events so that Hogar Betania can continue the great work they are doing. Click here for more details on the project.


77. YSC Group - Coimbatore, December 2012
A group of 'Yoga for the Special Child' practitioners from the USA travelled to India in November 2012 to volunteer their time to the Amrit School in Tamil Nadu, India. This is a school for children with Special needs. Anne, Liz, Eve and Stephanie spent a week working with the children and teachers, teaching for over 8 hours a day.

78. Support for Mother Teresa Society in Kosovo 
Integral Yoga teacher Narayani (Nathalia) and yoga students in Kosovo have been supporting Kosovo's Mother Teresa Society which works with the poorest communities in Kosovo. They have donated more than 500 euros to the NGO, supported it's benefit concerts and assisted with donating and distributing clothes, food, toys and other items to rural families including returning refugees. Mother Teresa (or Nena Tereze as she is known in Kosovo) was Albanian and is a much loved person in Kosovo. For information about the Mother Teresa Society
Nathalia/Narayani is an Integral Yoga Teacher with additional training in yoga for physical and mental health. Registered with the Independent Yoga Network as a 500+ hour qualified teacher, member of the Integral Yoga Teachers Association.


79. The Ideas Partnership in Kosovo
"The Ideas Partnership is an NGO which works in Kosovo.  Among it's many activities is supporting the Roma/Ashkali communities including through helping their children overcoming obstacles to attend school and developing income generating projects - such as the Sa-Punë micro-finance soap-making project which produces wonderful hand-made olive oil soap. Narayani (Nathalia) teaches yoga in Kosovo.  She and her yoga students have been supporting The Ideas Partnership through cash donations, one-on-one yoga classes for auction, collection and donation of children's shoes (the children can't go to school without them!)  Narayani says: "I'm not sure how much we've donated, maybe two or three hundred euros; I just tell my yoga students 'this class is for The Ideas Partnership' and then hand over the money.  Whatever little we do, The Ideas Partnership does much, much more".  For more information about the Roman/Ashkali community of Kosovo and the great work of The Ideas Partnership see -"


80. Baby Evie
The Vice Chair of Integral Yoga Gibraltar, Lilian Lakshmi received a phone call from UK asking for help to pay for professional care for beautiful Evie who has special needs. The doctors discovered tumours around her eyes and revealed that there may be a danger of her losing her sight. 
SIS donated £1000 towards Baby Evie's care.


81. Hug Day
Melanie 'Satya' from Integral Yoga Gibralatar proposed a brilliant idea to organise a ' Hug Day' in Gibraltar. The plan was to have a group of Yogis standing outside Morrisons, the largest supermarket in the area, giving hugs in return for a donation! After getting all the necessary permissions, yogis from both Gibraltar and Spain centres took part in standing outside the supermarket to give hugs to those who wanted it!
 It served two purposes. One, it brought smile to many people and two, £1,078.69 was raised for SIS.  Both Hogar Betania ( home for the homeless) and the Cancer Relief Centre were the beneficiaries...The Yogis who gave of their time had a real fun day making others happy! 


82. Gibraltar Society for Cancer Relief
Integral Yoga Centre Gibraltar together with SIS donated £2775 to the Gibraltar Society for Cancer Relief.  This organisation provides health care, education , physiotherapy, Yoga and recreational  activities for Cancer Patients. It is also involved in palliative care.
These monies donated were mainly raised by three major events organised by Satya Melanie Balban with the assistance from yogis and other members of the community. These three events included  the Sky Dive , Hugs Day Campaign and the Five Aside  football tournament held in Gibraltar. The rest of the donation came in from the teachers at the Yoga Centre who give of their time freely and are very grateful to the donors who attend their classes. 


83. SIS Football Tournament
In January Melanie 'Satya' from Integral Yoga Gibraltar centre organised a 5-aside football tournament to raise funds for SIS. The team raised a total of £550 .
Text from You can Make a Difference: The SIS team would like to thank all those who participated in this weekend's five-a-side football tournament. A special thank you goes to Christopher Remorino who not only organised an amazing event which was not only fun but it also gave the players another opportunity to better their football skills. In addition to organising such a big event, Christopher went a step further in wanting to make a difference to those in need. He came up with the idea of raising funds for the SIS charity from all those teams participating in this event raising a total amount of 550 pounds and for this the SIS charity are extremely grateful.


84. San Roque Orphanage
San Roque orphanage, in located in Southern Spain. More details on the project coming soon.
SIS donated 1000€ and Integral Yoga Gibraltar donated 500€ to buy the San Roque orphanage a much needed clothes dryer.


85. SIS Portugal - CASA Portugal - February 2013
A donation of clothes, tv's, dvd players and over 400euros was donated to CASA  
C.A.S.A. - Centro de Apoio ao sem Abrigo (Faro, Algarve) The association’s objectives are to provide support, food, clothing and accommodation to the homeless; to socially unsupported children, teenagers and elderly people; to victims of violence and abuse; and to the underprivileged in general, regardless of nationality, creed, politics or ethnicity. 
Please visit C.A.S.A.'s page on our SIS website for more information or visit


86. SIS Spain - Hogar Betania - March 2013
SIS donated a fridge to Hogar Betania, a home which houses the homeless in the Spanish town of La Linea. Begonia, the young lady who oversees all the needs of the homeless that live there, is a phenomenal person who gives of her time and love to those who live there. Besides the 12 people that live there, she al feeds 87  or more people every day. 


87. SIS USA - Yoga at School project - March 2013
SIS donated 1008$to the Yoga at School program.Yoga at School is now officially part of SIS. It is serving schools in San Francisco and New York areas. This program has successfully been carried out and students who take part of this program have noticeably increased their learning abilities and feel more balanced. Most of them come from low-income communities, filled with stress. SIS sponsored a project led by IYI at the Mission High School in San Francisco with 1,000$Spring 2012. 
Rev. Premanjali from Satchidananda Ashram, team member of SIS co-ordinates all USA projects


88. SIS Spain - Molokai, special needs centre - March 2013
SIS donated a Galaxy Notebook to Molokai, a place that serves special needs of all ages. The notebook was donated to aid those not capable of writing but capable of using  programmes with touch typing.  Molokai is an incredible place where all who attend and work there are full of joy and service. It is a place where they are taught to be creative and to use their most positive gifts.  They are taught skills so that they are able to  be independent and to get jobs. Carmen and her mother who run the place are incredibly loving, kind, generous and look after all these children and adults as if they were their very own. Touching and wonderful to meet such karma yogis.


89. Yoga for the Special Child donated to SIS - March 2013
SIS Headquarters, the George Harilela Hall in Sotogrande hosted Sonia Sumar's Yoga for the Special Child Program in March
After covering all our costs, we raised 2000euros for Service in Satchidananda, thank you Sonia Sumar for this very generous donation.
This donation will be taken to India this November to support the Praythna Trust in Mysore.
With this 2000euros we are able to pay for the hire of the school building, plus the salary for 1 Montessori teacher for a whole year


90. Donation to Plan International  to for building water wells in Guinea Bissau
Meenakshi from Hawaii made a donation in April on behalf of Service in Satchidananda to Plan International to build water wells in Guinea Bissau
There is a desperate need  for clean water in the village of Guinea Bissau where Meenakshi's foster daughter in Africa grew up.

91. SIS USA supporting the Oklahoma Disaster Relief fund
SIS USA made a donation to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to benefit the Oklahoma City tornado that hit in Oklahoma in May 2013 It was the largest tornado in recorded history worldwide.


92. SIS Portugal - Supporting CASA MIMAR
On May 17, 2013, Sagarapriya came to give one more of his fascinating talks at Ulla Rapazote´s home in M. Estoril, Portugal.
Donations of €290 were raised to help CASA MIMAR in Estoril to buy more disposable nappies, toilet paper, and paper napkins.
Casa Mimar is a purpose built, temporary shelter for children from homes with abusive and/or drug- and alcohol-related problems. 
They have room for 18 children and the ages vary between 0 - 10 years.
SIS has supported this project right from the beginning, and witnessed wonderful results.


93. Yoga for the Special Child donated mattresses to Leprosy camp in Tanzania
HUGE THANK YOU to Sivakami (Sonia Sumar) for her donation of  her Mantra CD's to SIS. With the sale of the CD's we raised enough funds to buy all kids in the Leprosy Camp in Tanzania Mattresses.


94. ACORN PRESS SWINDON UK donated the printing of 1000 books to SIS.
The printing of DIVINE GRACE written by Nalanie Chellaram was kindly DONATED to Service in Satchidananda by ACORN PRESS - SWINDON, UK to help raise funds for on-going and new projects. 
A huge thank you to Patrick (MD of Acorn Press) and his lovely partner Janaki for this huge donation to SIS. We will be able to educate many children, teach women many skills and feed many mouths with the sales from the book.

Integral Yoga Centre to sponsor at £15 a month to the following children in Nzega , Tanzania.
1.)  Charles Ramadhani 2.)  Saidi Ramadhani 3.)  Kulwa Ramadhani 4.)  Joshua Machimu ( Form 5) 
Integral Yoga to sponsor Joseph Philipo of Iduguta ( Leprosy Camp) for two years diploma Course at $500 US per year.
Julio and Paddy (treasurer of IY Gib and his wife) very kindly will be donating £50 a month to pay for Salome Philipo to see cleanliness Project Iduguta Leprosy camp. 


96. SIS International help Leprosy village in Nzega
Nalanie H. Chellaram visited Tanzania with AKIN team member, Les Roberts. SIS and AKIN have teamed together to raise funds to build a soup kitchen and sports field for the Leprosy camp in Nzega.
SIS donated funds to buy buckets, mops and other cleaning materials to Idiguta Leprosy Camp in Nzega, Tanzania. The homes were in terrible conditions and it was decided to first teach them hygienic methods
before painting and renovating their homes to make it habitable


SIS donated $400  to Elias, a young man sponsored by AKIN. He has now graduated and has a teaching job!! He  has promised to serve his own nation in gratitude for what he has received. In that respect he has just started a charity in Tanzania called YAADA. ( This charity will focus on educating the youth on the dangers of Drugs, Addictions and Aids) It was wonderful to witness a success story of a young boy who has excelled due to the sponsorship he received...


2 Air-Conditioner/Heater units were bought by SIS Spain for Molokai. Molokai is a place where adults and children with special needs are given vocational training. Carmen, the young lady who runs the charity, does her best to integrate them into society by finding jobs for them. A truly remarkable woman and a place of love!!


99. SIS Supporting Prisons & Hospitals - July 2013
Satish has generously donated 1,850 of Sri Swami Satchidananda's books, which have been translated into Spanish. These books are to be distributed to prisons and hospitals free of charge. Thank you very much.


100. Clean up to help Homeless centre in La Linea, Spain - July 2013
A group of Sangha Members From both Spain and Gibraltar spent Saturday morning cleaning out the new premises that was awarded to the Homeless in La Linea, Spain!! This new home will have the capacity to house 65 homeless . SIS and Integral Yoga Gibraltar are supporting this charity both financially and physically by offering manpower.



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